The Cheapest Countries For Students To Backpack Through

backpackBackpacking is one of the most viable means of travel for students, as it is extremely low-cost. By carrying everything you need, you can stay in accommodation that offers only basic facilities but at a far cheaper rate than other places. It also allows you the freedom to explore without large amounts of luggage., This gives you the freedom to explore places off the beaten track. It requires an adventurous spirit and a willingness to rough it at times. The reward is an economical holiday that still allows you to see everything you choose.

There are a few countries in particular that are extremely cheap to backpack through, making them ideal destinations for students.

  • One of the best things about Thailand is that many of the best tourist places are inexpensive or free, including the grand Buddhist temples, palaces and other monuments of traditional Thai architecture. Eating and accommodation costs can be as low as $20 per day, depending on your choices. The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, also offers inexpensive entertainment such as bars and clubs.
  • India. A traditional travel destination and location of religious pilgrimages, there are abundant backpacking hostels located in all of the major cities, making it easy to find low-cost accommodation. Food and other goods are also cheap. Tour guides can be hired relatively cheaply, , allowing you a local’s perspective on the sights and sounds, and relieving some of the stress that comes with the language barrier. Be prepared to forgo some luxuries such as hot showers, but to be rewarded with incredible views and a fascinating glimpse into a unique way of life.
  • Indonesia. If you are interested in nature and rainforests, Indonesia is an absolute must-see. It is made up of hundreds of small to medium sized islands, each with their own unique jungle ecosystem. Accommodation can be found amongst the bush in inexpensive lodges where you can hear the calls of native birds and animals. It is also close to Bali, if you wish to finish your trip with a somewhat pricier but more luxurious location.

Backpacking is an inexpensive way to travel in any country, but particularly Thailand, India and Indonesia. This makes these countries the perfect destination for students who have time off between study terms, but not necessarily a lot of money to spend.