The Best Extreme Adventure Activities In New Zealand

bungy-1-1436569-640x480Got a few extreme adventures to tick off your bucket list? Adrenaline junkie from way back? New Zealand has got you covered. If you can imagine it, New Zealand’s thriving adventure tourism industry professionals have probably got it going on somewhere across this great country. After all, New Zealand is widely considered the adventure capital of the world.

Whether you are Bungy Jumping in Auckland, Skydiving in Queenstown or Jet boating in Taupo the one thing you can be sure of is having an extreme time. New Zealanders certainly don’t do things by halves and thrive on thinking outside the box. Here’s a few of the best extreme adventure activities to tick off your list.

Zorbing In Rotorua

To kick things off how does rolling down a hill in a giant inflated ball sound? Sometimes referred to as zorbing, this epic downhill adventure activity was developed one day by two university mates looking to enhance their fun at the beach. For the best extreme ride look out for the OGO Rotorua operators, they have developed the largest downhill park in the world at their base in Rotorua. The track takes you on a crazy tumbling zig zag thrill ride down over 350 metres of hillside, what could possibly make this ride better? Riders get the choice of adding water to the mix! This extreme activity is definitely a must-do when in the geothermal region.

Caving In The Waikato

New Zealand caving experiences are renowned for their challenging and unique conditions. There are many options for caving adventures throughout the country, however perhaps the most famous is the Waitomo Caves in the Waikato region. Cavers from all over the world have visited the Waitomo Caves to experience its thrilling underground adventures. From Black Water Rafting and abseiling through to more difficult climbs and squeezing through small spaces, Waitomo Caves has it all.

Rafting In Wairoa

No ordinary white water rafting experience, rafting the Wairoa River is for all the adrenalin junkies out there. Grade 5 rapids, waterfall after waterfall along with some fantastic scenery thrown in, this has to be one of the best white water rafting experiences in New Zealand. Access to the Wairoa River rafting experience is limited due to hydro-electric dam release days, so if you want to tick this one off its best to book in advance.

Jet Boating In Taupo

Want to get up close and personal with 220,000 litres of water per second? The Huka Falls in Taupo provides the best ‘extreme’ way to go about it. The trip combines a thrilling jetboating ride with the unique, awe inspiring views of the Huka Falls from its thundering base. 360 degree spins, powerful jet boat engines and spectacular scenery will make this one top of many peoples list.

Bungy Jumping In Queenstown

Queenstown is an extreme adventure enthusiast’s dream location, with vast mountain ranges, glacial lakes and tussock-clad valleys as a backdrop, it’s easy to see why. Bungy jumping is one of the most popular adventure activities to tick off when visiting the Queenstown area as it is the home to New Zealand’s highest bungy jump, the Nevis Bungy. Take the lofty leap from 134 metres high above the Nevis River, freefall for 8.5 seconds and don’t forget the free t-shirt!

Canyoning In Nelson

If slipping and sliding and scrambling over rocks, climbing cliff faces and jumping off waterfalls is your idea of fun then canyoning is the extreme adventure for you. Waterfall Creek situated in the Abel Tasman National Park is the place to be for the most epic canyoning adventure. Everything about this trip is extreme, from the steep hike to the canyon entry point to the amazing abseiling terrain, previous experience and a high level of fitness are an absolute must.

New Zealand’s adventure activities are some of the best you will find worldwide, but when combined with our exceptional remote locations and terrain they create a unique experience full of adventure and excitement, one that will be remembered forever.