Applying For Student Visas In New Zealand

visasNew Zealand offers great opportunities for students – both domestic students wanting to experience some time abroad, and international students wanting to spend a year in a country with fantastic learning and adventure options. With many of our universities and polytechnics maintaining strong ties with other facilities around the globe, the exchange is often easily arranged in terms of credits and classes, however you may find visas to be a more tricky matter. A visa is required to stay in a country for any prolonged length of time, and there are fortunately many visas available specifically for students. These will have some limitations on the work you can do while overseas, but they’re straight-forward to apply for and all you need is proof that you will be studying. The process is different depending on the country you’re applying in, so make sure you do thorough research beforehand.

Applying For A Student Visa From New Zealand

If you’re a New Zealand student wanting to study overseas, you must apply for a visa before you leave the country. If you don’t have a valid visa, you will be denied entry to your destination country. There are many consulates around New Zealand that represent other countries here (particularly in Auckland and Wellington), and these will be a good place to start the application process – they can provide you with the right documents and hand them on to the proper place. You can also find the information online, such as on the USA Visas website.

The tricky thing is that you will need to apply for an overseas study program – and be accepted – before you can be granted a visa. This means the time frame between being accepted and starting study can be very narrow. You need to be extremely prompt in your visa application, with all your documents such as birth certificates, academic transcripts and proof of previous qualifications set aside ready to send. Be prepared to call and follow up your application – there will be enough time to process it, but you can’t afford to let any issues go unaddressed.

Applying For A New Zealand Student Visa

If you wish to study in New Zealand, you will need to apply for a New Zealand student visa. These can be obtained through Immigration New Zealand, and as long as you are applying on your own behalf, you can even apply online by signing up for an account at Immigration ONLINE. You can also apply with a paper application if you are outside of New Zealand, but you will need to check where to send this. In order to enter New Zealand as a student, you must have your visa before you go.

Applying for visas is an essential part of studying in a foreign country, whether that country is New Zealand or otherwise. Make sure you have all the right documents, and be as prompt as possible to ensure you get processed in time.